Bulk edit content in Contentful.
What took hours now takes minutes.

Run content operations on any number of entries from a single dashboard

Manage content at scale

Save time (and sanity) — make changes to any number of Contentful entries without needing a developer.

Illustration of a helpful robot

Just some of the repetitive tasks Revise can do for you:

  • Fixing a typo or replacing text in all entries at once

  • Publishing all entries that are in draft status

  • Archiving all blog posts written before a certain date

  • Migrating data to new fields

  • Conditionally assigning tags to entries

Your data is secure

Revise lives inside of, and natively integrates within your Contentful space. Your data never leaves Contentful nor touches Revise servers. Roles and permissions are respected.

Revise is built on top of Contentful app framework

Granular filtering

Using Revise visual filters it is quick and easy to apply your edits to only a specific set of entries. Get an instant preview of the filtered entries.

Revise dashboard

Powerful operations

Add any number of operations in one run. From (un)publishing entries to doing search and replace, Revise can easily handle your fields with a familiar interface that you will feel right at home with.

Revise dashboard


$59 / month

Excluding tax

3 active users
Unlimited edits
Unlimited Contentful spaces
Email support
Try for free
30 days free trial


US$9 for each additional active user

Priority support
Yearly billing


What is an active user?

An active user is a user that used the app at least once in the billing period. Users are identified by their unique email. A user with the same email is counted as just one active user accross any number of Contentful spaces / environments.

Should I be worried about the security of my data?

Your data never leaves Contentful. Revise operates in the browser of the person running the app and so your data never touches Revise servers. Roles and permissions are automatically respected.

I have multiple Contentful spaces. Can I use Revise in all of them?

Yes. Our pricing is based on the number of users getting value out of Revise. We don't count the number of spaces/environments when calculating the pricing.